Pro - Getting Started

This article applies to:

Set up your profiles
Add your leads and clients
  • In the Mobile IOS application, you can add contacts manually, import from your Contacts List or Scan a business card. 
  • On the web application, you can Import Contacts or add them individually.
Sort your contacts into Leads, Clients, Invoiced, or Paid - Article coming soon
  • Once you have leads, you can: send intro email, book initial consultation or send a quote.
  • Once you have clients, you can:  send follow-up email, book follow-up meeting, or send an invoice.
Keap Mobile App

Pro Tip! Android users can navigate to, log in to their account, and bookmark our website, which is designed to work on a variety of screen sizes, including smartphones and tablets.

Keap Messaging using the Web Application
Sync your calendar for appointment booking

Invite a lead or client to meet

Create an Email Broadcast 

  • Send an individual email - Article coming soon
  • Use the Simple Broadcast Tool
  • Use the Advanced Email Broadcast Tool
Qualify leads quickly with Quotes 

Send Invoices and get paid

  • Set up WePay
  • Create and send an Invoice
    • Once you have invoiced, you can: see who owes money, send a payment reminder, and add payments.
    • You can also keep track of paid clients!