Notification center

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The "Notification center" will notify you of the status of an action that was triggered by you. The first notification display will be the status of your contact import.

Contact import notifications will tell you when:

  • Your import has completed
  • The number of contacts added
  • The number of contacts updated.  
  • It also lets you know if any contacts were skipped, and the reason.

How often do notifications refresh?
We check the system for new notifications every 60 seconds

Do all users of an app get the same notification?
No, each user gets notifications about his or her own actions.

For example: If Tim imports a list, logs out, and logs back in, Tim will see a notification that shows him the status of his import. Emily, a user for the same Keap app, will not see notifications for Tim’s import, she’ll see notifications for her own imports.

How will notifications show up in the app?
Click on your user avatar and select Notifications