Notification center

This article applies to:
  • The "Notification center" will notify you of the status of an action that was triggered by you. The first notification display will be the status of your contact import.

  • Contact import notifications will tell you when:
    • Your import has completed
    • The number of contacts added
    • The number of contacts updated.  
    • It also lets you know if any contacts were skipped, and the reason.

How often do notifications "refresh"?

  • We check the system for new notifications every 60 seconds

Do all users of an app get the same notification?

  • No, each user gets notifications about his or her own actions.

    For example: if Tim imports a list, logs out, and logs back in, Tim will see a notification that shows him the status of his import. Emily, a user for the same Keap app, will not see notifications for Tim’s import, she’ll see notifications for her own imports.

    How will notifications show up in the app?

    • Bell notification - click on the bell icon located in the upper right hand corner, to expand the Notification Center. 

    • Click "View all notifications" to browse all notifications