Keap Mobile: Send a message with Siri (iOS)

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Install Keap Mobile to your iOS or Android device

We know when you're hard at work, it's not always convenient or safe to pick up your phone and type a message. Maybe you're driving, working with your hands, or twenty feet off the ground on a ladder. With your iOS device, you can use Siri to send messages to your contacts, giving you hands-free access to message your Keap contacts.

Enable Siri for Keap

To enable Siri, Keap must be allowed to access Hey Siri. 

  1. Open your app Settings
  2. Tap Siri
  3. Tap the iOS Settings button
  4. Tap Siri & Search
  5. Toggle Use with Ask Siri to the on position
  6. Switch back to your Keap app and you'll see a message on how you can use Siri

Send a Keap Business Line message with Siri

  1. Say "Hey Siri, send a message using Keap"
  2. Tell Siri who you would like to send a message to
  3. If your contact has multiple phone numbers, Siri will read and show you the available numbers
  4. Siri will ask "what do you want to say?" and wait for your message
  5. When you're finished, Siri will say "here is your message" and display the message
  6. Siri will ask "are you ready to send it?" Say "send it" or tap the Send button to send your message using Keap Business Line.