Contact type field & associated lists

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You can label your contacts as "Customer" "Lead" or "Other" by using the "Contact type" drop down. Easily see your Customers vs Leads with the Default Customer List and Default Lead list.

Default lists

  1. Click  "Contacts" from the left navigation

    You will have two contact lists by default that correspond with the Contact Type field.

    1. The first list is titled "Customers" and contains all contacts carrying a contact type of "Customer".

    2. The second list is titled "New Leads" and is populated with any contacts created in the last 30 days that carry a contact type of "Lead".

Add a contact

  1. Click on "Add a contact" from the contacts page

  2. Select the Contact Type from the drop down


  3. Click Save and exit


Contact record - display tab

  1. Click on a contact record

  2. Click "Edit" on the details tab

  3. Under General is where the Customer Type is located

  4. If changes are made, click Save