Manage Tags

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 Not only can you now perform quick, bulk actions with your tags, but there's a clean new look on the tag management page. Quickly add, delete,  send a broadcast, or export your tags.

  1. Go to Profile icon > Settings > select Tags

  2. All of the tags populate to the left side of the screen. If a description was added when the tag was created you will see it here along with the number of contacts with that tag applied.

  3. Click a tag on the left hand list to display the list of contacts assigned this tag in the body of the page.

  4. (Optional) You can click Edit to edit the name, category, and description of the tag.

  5. (Optional) Click Select All To run a mass action on the list of contacts. These actions include Add or remove tags, Delete, Send a Broadcast, and Export.
  6. (Optional) Add a new tag by clicking the blue Add symbol next to the Manage tags heading.