Pipeline automation: Add and remove tags

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Pipeline Automation provides the ability to automate key steps within your Pipeline process. You can keep your leads moving through your sales process by configuring specific automations, triggered when a new lead enters or exits a stage. 

Setup Pipeline automation

  1. Navigate to the pipeline from the main navigation menu

  2. Click the gear to manage you settings for that stage

  3. Click Configure automation"

  4. You can select to apply an action when a deal is moved "Into" or "Out of" this stage

  5. Note:  When the tab is highlighted in "white" that is the automation being configured. For example; in the image below, I am configuring automation for "When I move a deal INTO this stage.."

  6. Select to either apply or remove a tag

    1. When selecting to apply/remove a tag, you are presented with:

      1. A list of tags in your application

      2. The ability to create a tag on the fly

  7. Clicking multiple tags will allow for multiple tags to be applied or removed from the primary contact when the deal stage is moved

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  8. When you select an action, you are given the ability to add another action

  9. You are able to create automation to both apply and remove tags in the example below

    (Example:  When I move a deal into this stage, apply the "Attended" tag and remove the "New Customer" and "purchased" tag)

  10. When you are done configuring, click save.  

  11. The pipeline stage that has automation configured will have a badge on the gear

  12. If you'd like to modify automation you can click on the gear again

Delete Action

If you'd like to delete an action, simply click the trash icon, confirm and save!


Question: How many customers will get this beta?

Answer: Roughly 200 - 300 initially while we learn and test