Pipeline automation

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Pipeline automation provides the ability to automate key steps in your pipeline process. You can keep your leads moving through your sales process by configuring automation that triggers when a new lead enters or exits a stage. Automation options include apply tag(s), remove tag(s), create task, and send email.

Set up pipeline automation

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Pipeline
  2. Click Automate stage in the relevant stage
  3. First select either the Into or Out of tab to apply an action when a deal is moved into or out of this stage.
  4. Select an action from the drop down options and configure your choice
  5. To automate multiple actions, click Select action to continue adding actions
  6. Click Save
  7. A pipeline stage with automation configured has a lightning bolt icon

Delete automation from a stage

  1. Click Edit automation
  2. Click the trash bin icon next to the automation you want to delete
  3. Confirm by clicking Yes, delete