Keap Mobile: Contact add to campaign

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Install Keap Mobile to your iOS or Android device

Adding contact to a campaign

  • Navigate to a contact record and tap on the "+" More button

  • Select add to campaign

  • Select a campaign from the available campaigns drop down

  • Select the sequence to add them to


I don't have any campaigns set up. Will I still see the Add to campaign button? 

No, the Add to campaign button will only show up once you have at minimum, one campaign setup in Keap web. 

Can I remove someone from a campaign?

At the moment, no this is not available.  

Can I see if someone is in an existing campaign?

Yes, if you've previously added someone to a campaign, go to Add to campaign. Once you click the drop down to Select Campaign, you'll see a highlight on the campaign that says "Contact active in campaign"