Play Blueprint: Lead Magnet Download

This article applies to:

Why Run It: To generate leads

Who It's For: Businesses that need to fill their funnel with new prospects

Implementation time: 15-20min

Play Snapshot

A Lead Magnet is a play that allows you to exchange something valuable that you create for the contact details of a potential lead. Fundamentally, it is important to remember that the more valuable the asset you create, the more powerful your lead magnet will be, and the more leads you will attract. You are not restricted to having one lead magnet either -- most successful businesses have a variety of lead magnets that allow them to capture different types of prospects who are looking for different solutions they provide.

Ask yourself, “What is the most valuable thing that I can give away to a potential customer?” This should be something that someone would be willing to pay for.  Once you have an asset to give away, you can build a delivery mechanism to capture their contact information using a landing page and deliver the asset using an automated email. Now that you have the contact’s information, the door is open to educate and nurture the prospect towards a future purchase. 

A lead magnet can be anything of value that you create. Some of the best examples are:

  1. E-Books that educate and induce action
  2. Training videos that help educate the viewer
  3. Templates that your audience can use
  4. Discount coupons
  5. And so much more...

Follow the Quick Start Guide below to get your play running. You’ll be gathering new leads in no time.

Play Components:

1. Lead Magnet

An effective lead magnet draws visitors in with an irresistible force. It promises something of value to visitors. You’ll exchange this thing of value for their contact information. This is a great play to capture visitors even if they aren’t ready to buy from you right away. Lead magnets come in many shapes and sizes, but the key is to understand your customer’s problem and create something of value to kick the relationship off on the right foot.

2. Opt In

Your opt-in is an online form that captures the contact information for visitors who want access to your lead magnet. The form may be embedded in your website, on a popup, or integrated into a dedicated landing page. It’s important to communicate the value of the lead magnet and make the steps very clear. People who want the lead magnet will fill out the form to give you their contact information in exchange for getting access to the lead magnet. 

Best Practice:

The copy promoting the lead magnet should sell the lead magnet, not your product or service.

The more contact information you require, the less likely potential leads will be to fill out your form. Most lead capture forms should include first name (for personalizing emails) and email address (so you can follow up!). If you plan to send text messages or make follow-up calls, collect mobile number.

For increased personalization of messages, you may consider adding one single dropdown field to capture the biggest problem your lead has, relative to your offering (e.g. “What is your biggest parenting challenge?”)

3. Delivery System

Your delivery system ensures new opt-ins get access to the lead magnet. Usually this is done through email or text messages that link to the content, or provide access credentials.

Best Practice:

You may want to include additional follow-up nudges a few days after the initial send in case the lead does not take the desired action to download the lead magnet.

Below is your in-depth action plan that breaks down the strategy and tactics of each step and details the assets, content, skills, and specific actions to follow to execute this play like a pro. 

The reason why your Lead Magnet play is so powerful as a lead generator is because it not only gathers leads throughout the funnel, it also gets cornerstone content in the hands of your prospects that builds trust, value and starts a conversation.

Your Lead Magnet should contain relevant (to your product or service) and enticing information that educates and moves prospects to action. 

The most powerful way to run this play is using automation in your Keap App. We have pre-built Easy Automations and Advanced Automations in the Automations bank below that can get you started.

To create your Lead Magnet you will need:

Checkpoints to Launch

Create Your Lead Magnet and host it somewhere so it's shareable
Write your landing page copy, thank you page copy, and follow up email copy

Utilizing the powerful landing page builder in Advanced Automations gives you freedom and flexibility. To get your landing page built you will need:

  • Your Lead Magnet + Keap Opt In Form
  • Design + content for your landing page

Checkpoints to Launch:

Design your Landing Page to clearly show the offer
Build the correct contact fields into the form used to collect data
Decide if you want to apply a tag and segment to any contact who fills out this form
Publish and test form

The delivery step of this play is centered around email delivery of your lead magnet. Be sure to double check email copy, and set up your delivery automation. You can always add a nurture sequence for your new leads if you want set that expectation when they claimed your offer.

  • Build email copy for initial delivery and secondary delivery attempts
  • Ensure email delivery functions as you intend
  • Setup any other sequences you want to cover the entire customer experience

Checkpoints to Launch:

Insert the email copy you will use to deliver your lead magnet
Test the automation and make sure the emails look how you want.
Optional - add nurture emails to continue conversation with prospects after they receive the download.

Success Metrics

Primary Metric: # of Opt Ins

Measure from an Easy Automation:

Search for the # of contacts with the tag that you applied after the Lead Magnet Delivery email was sent
Measure from an Advanced Automation:

Either search for the # of contacts with a tag that you applied in the follow up sequence, or go into the campaign reporting

[ COMING SOON: Tutorials for the best way to measure this metric ]

Common Next Plays

  • Lead Magnet Follow Up + Offer [Recommended]
  • Automated Sales Offer
  • Nurture Campaign
  • Newsletter

Done For You

If you don’t have the time or desire to build out this play yourself, we’ve got you covered!

With our Done For You Play Blueprint professional services, our experts will create your content, build the automations, and even set up reporting right in your app so your play can be up and running in about a week.

How does it work?

Download above image - DFY - Lead Magnet Download.pdf 

  1. Scoping call – You’ll have a call with one of our Experts to understand your business and what you want in your play, and go over the process.
  2. Expert goes to work – Our Expert builds the play components (forms, emails, automations, etc.) in your app and develops any related content. They also set up reporting in your app. This takes about 3-5 business days once our Expert has all the necessary marketing assets (images, brand colors etc.).
  3. Review call – The expert walks you through what was set up and how the reporting works.
For just $499, you can have this play implemented in your Keap app in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself!