Landing Pages - Text editor toolbar

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Give your font some extra flair with the new text editor toolbar in our Landing Page builder. Highlight any text on your page and the toolbar will display right where you’re working. Change text colors, backgrounds, or use rich text formatting like bold, underline, and even strikethrough

Text editor toolbar

To access the toolbar, highlight any text on your Landing Page. The toolbar will appear just above your selection.

Font style

Choose from Title, SubTitle, Heading or Normal Text styles.

Pro Tip!  If you have applied a font style to text and then need to apply different fonts or sizing to that text, you will need to clear the text's formatting first.

Font family

Choose from a variety of fonts.

Font size

Change the font size of the selected text.

More text options: text color and background color

  1. Open the more text menu to access text color and background color options.
  2. Select either text color or background color
  3. Select a color from the palette or enter a HEX color for a specific color.
  4. Click OK

Rich text options (bold, italics, underline, strikethrough)

Click the respective button to apply bold, italics, or underline to the selected text. Click the more rich button to apply strikethrough formatting or clear the text formatting for the selected text.

Paragraph and hyperlink options

Click the left-align button to quickly reorient text or open the paragraph menu select from centered or right-aligned text. You can also create bulleted or numbered lists and hyperlinks in this menu.

Undo and redo buttons

The toolbar includes dedicated undo and redo buttons. These buttons only impact text within the selected element, making it easy to revert changes that you made prior to additional changes throughout your Landing Page.