Onboarding checklists

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Our onboarding checklists let new Keap customers choose what is most important to their business and provides a list of tasks to help get started. Initially, you will choose one area of focus from six options, however you can access all the checklists from the Getting Started section of your app.

The checklists and tasks for each checklist are listed below.

Collect new leads and find new opportunities

  1. Create a simple lead form for your social channels
  2. Invite leads to meet with a "Consultation" appointment type
  3. Ask your existing clients for referrals with an email template

Organize my contact and business details

  1. Add a new contact manually
  2. Import more of your contacts
  3. Create a new tag and apply it to a contact

Track my daily activities and processes

  1. Connect your favorite tools to Keap
  2. Stay on top of the tasks on your to-do list
  3. Track your processes (sales and more) with Pipeline

Manage my follow up communication

  1. Simplify scheduling with a "follow-up" appointment type
  2. See how you can save time with email templates
  3. Download the mobile app and get your free business line

Promote and market my business

  1. Send your first broadcast email
  2. Set up Google Reviews

Request and collect payments

  1. Send yourself a test invoice
  2. Build out your products and services menu
  3. Connect your payment processor
  4. Connect your QuickBooks Online account