Engagement Days

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'Engagement Days' measures your total contacts and the average amount of days since they have last engaged (opened, clicked etc). It is an extremely important metric to monitor in order to maximize your email deliverability.  

Providers, like Gmail, want to ensure their users only receive interesting and relevant content in their inbox. If end users are not engaging with your business’s emails, they will learn this behavior and over time, begin to send future emails to the junk folder. Even worse, if recipients are no longer interested but continue to receive your content, the likelihood of reporting spam will increase.

When you are not keeping your list clean based on recent engagement: You are likely emailing:

However, when you only send emails to engaged recipients, you’re telling providers that you are a trustworthy sender by practicing good list hygiene and increasing your Email Sending Reputation. 

Resolution steps:

  1. Read both the Spam Trap and Invalid Hard Bounces

  2. We recommend removing any contacts from Broadcasts/Campaigns that have been unengaged for > 12 months and contacting directly and contacts that have been unengaged for 6-12 months.  Identify unengaged contacts in your list by:
    1. Login to your application.

    2. Navigate to Reports > Email engagement tracker

    3. Sort by 'Time Since Last Engagement'

    4. Select all contacts that have a 'Time Since Last Engagement' value of over 12 months - Go To Action dropdown and select Update Opt-In/Out Status - Select Opt-Out and Process Action.

    5. Return to the Email engagement tracker Report

    6. Select all contacts that have a 'Time Since Last Engagement' value of 6-12 months
      Go to Actions dropdown and Apply a Tag so these can be found easily later - Create a new tag, say, Bad Engagement, and then select the Apply Radio button and then Save

    7. Go to Contacts > Contact Lists > Create A List > Add Filter; Other Fields - Tags

    8. Select 'Includes Any' and Enter the tag name just created 

    9. Enter a name for this list 'Clean Up Engagement'

    10. For each of these contacts, go into the Contact Record and remove any tags (Other > Tags) for upcoming broadcasts and if necessary remove them from any Campaigns.