Tasks Dashboard Widget


The Tasks dashboard widget simply shows a list of tasks sorted by due date. Checking a task will mark it as complete. You can uncheck a task if you accidentally marked it as complete. Tasks that you marked as "complete" will no longer be visible the next time you load your Dashboard.

The tasks dashboard widget only shows a limited amount of tasks. If you have more tasks that can be shown in the widget, it will tell you at the bottom.

You can then click View all tasks to view all tasks that you have created.

If you need to view a task that you have already marked as "complete" then just click the Show completed button after clicking View all tasks.

Add a Task

  1. You can also add a task from the Task widget. Just click the Add a task link.

  2. Optionally choose a contact record for the task. This will add a link to the contact record on the task so you have quick and easy access to the contact for which the task regards.

  3. Enter the rest of the task information and click the Save button. Note that you can also create a task directly on the contact record.