Keap Mobile Business Line: Messages How-To Part 1

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Install Keap Mobile to your iOS or Android device

Delete conversation

  • To delete a conversation, navigate to the conversation list and swipe from right to left on a conversation


Using your mobile camera

Send and receive pictures through Keap Phone feature. 

  • Tap on the camera icon or the image icon

    • you will get a request to access your camera

      *Accept the permission

  • Tap the blue arrow to send

Sending pictures from your mobile photos

  1. Tap on the image icon, you will get a request to access your photo library

    *Accept the permission

  • Select a picture and tap on the blue arrow

    NOTE: In the initial version you cannot enlarge the image, send and receive videos, or send and receive files.

Appointment links

Send Keap booking links. To learn how to create Keap booking links, click here

  • Once you have at least one booking link set up, tap on the calendar icon

  • Select one of your booking links which will then paste automatically into your message input

  • Tap "Send"