Sending picture messages

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You can use your Keap Business Line to send pictures to contacts and leads. This can be helpful to send pictures of your work, receipts, invoices, and other files.

Sending a picture message through Keap Business Line

  1. Tap on the camera icon or the image icon
  2. Grant access to your camera or photo library
  3. Take or select an image
  4. Tap the blue arrow to send

Note: You can only send one picture at a time. If you want to send multiple pictures, you'll need to send them as separate messages.

Appointment links

If you are using Keap Appointments, you can select and send one of your booking links via Keap Business Line.

  1. Once you have at least one booking link set up, tap on the calendar icon
  2. Select one of your booking links
  3. Tap Send