This article applies to:
  1. Navigate to Settings

    business profile

  2. Click "Billing settings" under "Products, Payment and Invoicing"

    billing settings

  3. Click the Add another Payment Processors link to enter your Authorize.Net credentials.

  4. Click the Connect button to set up Authorize.Net.

  5. Enter the following information

    1. Name - The name should be short and descriptive. It is used to identify this merchant account inside of Infusionsoft (if you have multiple merchant accounts.) This is for your internal use only and will not be seen by your customers.
    2. Login ID - This is the "API Login ID" you will obtain from Check out this video from Authorize.Net
    3. Transaction Key - You must generate the transaction key through your Authorize.Net account
    4. Test Mode - Used to send test transactions. Be sure to put this in Live Mode before processing actual payments!
    5. Send Transaction Email - Set this to Yes if you want to receive a transaction email from Authorize.Net for each purchase in addition to the order notifications Infusionsoft sends to you.

  6. Click Save.