Keap Mobile Business Line: Call forwarding

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The Keap Mobile Business Line enables you to connect an existing mobile device and phone line to your Keap application; allowing you to conveniently send a receive business calls via your personal device. 

Note: All active users in your Keap application will receive SMS message notifications to their personal devices via the Keap mobile application; even when the mobile device being used is not the one associated with the Keap business line. However, the Keap Mobile Business Line is capable of forwarding calls only to the mobile device and phone line specifically set up for call forwarding in the application. As such, knowing how to change the mobile device and phone line set up for call forwarding may prove helpful.

  1. Tap Settings (gears icon) in the lower right hand corner of the application screen

  2. Tap Messaging and Phone on the settings screen

  3. On the Messaging and Phone screen, tap Forward voice calls to:

  4. Change the phone number in the text entry field to the phone number where you would like your business calls forwarded to and tap Save

  5. Test the new devices connectivity to the Keap Mobile Business Line by dialing your Keap business phone number from a different device.

Note: Dialing your Keap Mobile Business Line phone number from the device registered or set up to receive forwarded call in the Keap application will result in the call being forwarded to voicemail.