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Bring your communication together with desktop texting. First, claim your Keap Phone Line, then access it from "Messages" in your navigation. Enjoy the same features available in the mobile app, like appointment invites, contact viewing, etc.

To learn more about the iOS mobile app, click here


  • Be in the U.S., has to have an iOS mobile device 
  • Have the Keap mobile app downloaded on your mobile device
  • Have the Keap Phone Line feature setup on the mobile app. Click here for help article.


Navigating to Messages on Web

  • Click "Messages" from the left

Creating a new message

  • To create a new message click on the "Plus" sign to the left of "Messages"

  • Enter the name or number of a contact you would like to send a message to

Pro tip: You can also use this flow to search for any existing conversations

Sending messages

  • To send a message, simply type your message in the input
  • Click on "Send"

Pro-Tip! You can also use your keyboard to send your message: 

  • Mac OS use "Command + Enter key" to send the message
  • Other Operating systems like Windows use "Control + Enter" to send the message

Sending  appointments

  1. To send an appointment link, click on the calendar icon in the bottom left of the input

  2. Tap the booking link you want to send which will automatically past the appointment link in the message

  3. Tap send, and now your Appointment links are directly integrated

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Deleting a message

  • Tap into a message

  • In the message tap on the trash can located in the top right

  • Confirm that you want to delete the conversation


Viewing a contact

  • By tapping on the contacts name within the message you can view the contact record


Adding a contact from a message

  • When you receive a message or start a conversation with a new or unknown number you can easily add a contact.

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