Connect Keap To Your WordPress Website

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Important Note! You can only connect your Keap account to one WordPress website. Connecting it to multiple sites will result in new contact records not being created! The plug-in also does support multi-site installations of WordPress as this is one installation of the plugin.

In the Email Accounts sidebar tab, you can connect your Keap Account to your WordPress Site. You can also:

  • Initialize a connection to their Keap account (on first visit)
  • View the status of the connection to their Keap account
  • Deactivate the existing connection to their Keap account

  1. Grab your API key inside of your Keap application.
  2. Copy your 32-digit encrypted API key

  3. Paste this key value into the API Key field within the WordPress plugin: Infusionsoft > Settings

  4. Enter your application name. For example, if your application URL is, then abc123 is your application name

  5. Click the Authorize button
  6. Click the Save & Exit button