A secure interface through which external systems can access and update data in Infusionsoft. Commonly used when speaking about integrating other software systems with Infusionsoft.


A secret token which is submitted alongside a web service requests that identifies the origin of the request. It gives a service (e.g. a 3rd party developer) the necessary credentials to make changes to your Infusionsoft application. The API Key is considered a legacy method that has been replaced by the REST API framework

App Name

Refers to the unique URL prefix for your Infusionsoft account. For example, if your Infusionsoft URL is, your App Name is "abc"



The status of an email that cannot be delivered due to a temporary or permanent issue with the recipient’s email address or the recipient's email service provider.


A Broadcast Email is an email that is sent to a list of recipients at a scheduled time. It can be scheduled to go out on a specific date and time, but the schedule is the same for everyone. A broadcast is generally the best option when you need to send the same message to everyone at the same time (e.g., a monthly email newsletter). It is also the best option for sending messages that require frequent updates.

Business Details

Found in Settings > Business Profile, this is required in order to send automated emails from Infusionsoft. The CAN-SPAM Act requires that all commercial emails sent from the United States must include the sender's valid physical address. Infusionsoft adds this information to the bottom of all broadcast and follow-up marketing emails automatically to ensure compliance. If this is empty, you will not be able to send automated marketing or broadcast emails from your Infusionsoft Application


Call to Action

In marketing, a call to action (CTA) is an instruction to the audience designed to provoke an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb such as "call now", "find out more" or "visit a store today"

Campaign Merge Field

Useful time-savers when information in your campaign changes frequently. For example, if you have five emails in a campaign that all reference a constantly changing date, a campaign merge field will save you from editing all five emails every time the date changes; all you have to do is change the value of the campaign merge field.


The workspace you use to build a campaign in the Campaign Builder

Confirmation Email

Synonymous with "Double Opt-in", it is an email sent to a new subscriber asking them to confirm their email address. Email Confirmation helps reduce spam and bounced emails, and ultimately provides better deliverability for the sender.

Contact Time Zone

When a contact fills out a web form, order form, shopping cart, pays a quote, or pays an invoice, Infusionsoft will capture the time zone of the contact via their web browser and will set that as the time zone in that contact's record in Infusionsoft. When a contact submits a web form, the contact's language will also be captured.


Selling an add-on services is the most typical definition of cross-selling in small business circles. This happens when the seller convinces a customer that it can enhance the value of the offered product or service by buying another product or service. For example, if I sell air conditioners, I might cross-sell a professional installation service.

Custom Field

An optional field that you create that extends the functionality of a contact record. For example, you could create a custom drop-down field to store "hair color" or "shoe size" for each contact in Infusionsoft. You can then use that field to search for all contacts with purple hair.



The default home page when you sign into your Infusionsoft app. The dashboard is comprised of configurable reporting widgets.

Date Timer

A date timer Allows you to schedule an email or other process at a specific date as opposed to a number of days (delay timer)

Deal Card

A Card to track potential sales using various stages. a deal can be attached to multiple contact records.

Delay Timer

When creating a campaign sequence, you can specify the time delay between emails or other processes using a delay timer.

Double Opt-In

Synonymous with "Email Confirmation". It is the process whereby the recipient confirms their desire to receive your email content by clicking on an opt-in link. It helps reduce spam and bounced emails and ultimately provides better deliverability for the sender.


Entry Point

An entry point is the goal or goals in a campaign that allow contacts to enter the campaign. The first goal in a campaign is always an entry point. Subsequent goals can also be configured as entry points. This means that contats can enter a campaign mid-stream as apposed to only at the beginning.

Explicit Permission

Explicit permission is obtained when a contact voluntarily requests to receive email communication from your business, and is aware what content they will receive and how often they will receive it.


Field Timer

Field Timers allow you to schedule a marketing piece based on a date or date/time field in the contact record. There are two default date fields in every contact record: Anniversary Date and Birthday Date. You can also create your own custom date or date/time field.

Follow-up Sequence

Synonymous with "Campaign Sequence", it is planned, scheduled series of emails and other processes that occur when a campaign goal has been achieved.

Fulfillment List

A spreadsheet that is updated automatically as part of a campaign sequence. For example, when a purchase is made, a campaign sequence containing a fulfillment list can be used to add the contact address details to a spreadsheet that can be emailed to a fulfillment house.

Fulfillment Report

When an order is placed, Infusionsoft can automatically notify the person or company responsible for shipping the item(s). This person may be an internal team member who has user access to your Infusionsoft system, a third-party fulfillment company, or a combination of both.



Allows merchants like you to process credit, debit and alternative payments online. Since retailers are prohibited from sending a customer’s payment information directly to a payment processor, the payment gateway acts as the go-between, ensuring customer data is encrypted and secure.


Objects on the campaign builder that signify a milestone in a campaign. When a goal (web form being submitted) has been complete, any automation prior to the goal stops and any automation following the goal begins.


Hard bounce

This status typically means that the email no longer exists or it soft bounced too many times.


Hypertext Markup Language is a markup language web developers use to arrange and format content on a web page.


An HTTP Post is used to send information from Infusionsoft to a web page that runs a script (e.g., ASP, PHP, Javascript.) which extracts data from the URL and processes it on your web server. Only standard port numbers are supported: 80 and 443.


Internal Form

A special web form that a user submits on behalf of a contact. For example, you may have an internal form that you submit after speaking to a lead on the phone. The form creates a new contact record or updates an existing one.

Invalid Email

The Invalid status indicates the email address is missing characteristics of a valid email address (e.g. an @ symbol, .com/.net/.org, etc.)


Landing Page

It is an individual web page with the specific function of collecting information from the visitor

Lead Source

Refers to the method that was used to attract visitors to web page. For example, a magazine ad that drives traffic to a landing page could be a lead source.


Refers to software features that Infusionsoft has replaced with new technology. Legacy features exist because the tools necessary to automatically translate old functionality onto a new platform has not yet been created. If something is labeled as "legacy", it is recommended to use the modern counterpart of that feature.

Lifecycle Marketing

A marketing model that provides a simple framework to design a marketing plan that will help you attract customers, grow sales and deliver an experience that wow your customers.


Merchant Account

A type of bank account that allows you to accept payments by debit and credit cards.

Merge Field

A placeholder used to insert personalized content into a marketing piece such as an email. For example, ~Contact.FirstName~ is a merge field that inserts the value stored in the First Name field of the contact record into the email.



The Non-Marketable email status is assigned to email addresses during import or when a person is added manually, but you did not indicate that you have permission to send email marketing to them. Click on Manage Email Status to manually update the email status for a specific email address. You can send individual emails to Non-Marketable email addresses, but cannot send any broadcast or follow-up sequence messages to them.

Note Template

Time-saving templates for attaching repetitive notes to a contact record. Applying a Note template can be used to initiate automation in the campaign builder.


The process of developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel and through every step of the buyer's journey.


Open Rates

Open rates are estimates, and are not the best way to measure true engagement. An open rate is recorded for each person who receives the HTML version of an email and opens it long enough to activate the tracking image in the email. The system is not able to track instances where the recipient has images disabled in their email program or receive the plain text version of an email. The system may also record an open when a recipient briefly glances at the email, which is not true engagement. Click through rates are the best measure of email engagement.

Opportunity Record

A record used to track a potential sales opportunity through a defined sales pipeline. An opportunity record is tied to a contact record. Opportunities are often used by businesses with a direct sales team.


Opt In is how you obtain explicit permission. This can be done on web forms, use a check box defaulted to unchecked to allow contacts to choose to agree to marketing. Through personal interaction like at an event, over the phone, or direct contacts via social media, be sure to ask explicitly if you can send ongoing marketing emails to the address they shared with you.


The Opt-Out status indicates a person has unsubscribed from all of your email marketing. You can send individual emails to these email addresses, but cannot send any broadcast or follow-up sequence messages to them. You are not able to manually update an Opt-Out status.


Reported SPAM

This status indicates that the contact reported your email as SPAM, via the unsubscribe feedback form, after clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.This method of reporting SPAM does not count against the threshold, as this is additional feedback from the recipient, after clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.



AKA, Campaign Sequence. A Sequence is a scheduled series of communications and/or processes that are set in motion when a campaign goal is achieved.

Single Opt-In

An unconfirmed email address. Once the contact confirms their email address, it is considered, "Double Opt-In".

Skipped Emails

The system will skip emails that are duplicates, invalid, opted-out, or bounced. To ensure accuracy, the batch status report does not include these email addresses in the total number of emails sent, therefore, the total sent may be less than the number of people on the broadcast list.


Generally refers to an object on a web page that you can click and move.


Unsolicited messages (such as emails, calls, or text messages)

Subject Preview Line

This appears in the recipient's inbox, directly under the email subject. You can add different text or we will automatically include the first few words from your email message.


An on-goin recurring payment option. Typically monthly and automated.



Searchable labels applied to contact records. Tags help you manage lists and can be used to start automation when a specific tag is applied.

Tag Category

Allows you to group and organize all of your tags.

Tripwire Marketing

Converting a lead to a customer by making a low-cost, enticing offer and then upselling when they are in your sales funnel.



The act of opting out of receiving automated marketing email from someone.


A product or service that a seller offers at the time of sale. It is usually an higher-end version of what the buyer is purchasing or a product or service that compliments it. The goal is to convince the buyer to spend more at the point of sale. This technique is commonly used in conjunction with cross-selling to maximize each sale.

User Permissions

User Permissions determine how a user can interact with contact records inside of Infusionsoft.



An unidentified person who visits a website or landing page. The visitor profile is added to a contact record when the visitor submits a web form or is added to Infusionsoft manually.

Voice Broadcast

A pre-recorded voice message delivered to a group of contacts by phone or voicemail.