Add a Custom Favicon to a Landing Page

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A favicon is a small icon displayed in the address bar of a web browser that represents your website branding. Typically it is a simplified version of a company logo.

You can add your own custom favicon to an Infusionsoft Landing Page. You'll just need to have the image hosted somewhere so you can reference it in the HTML code shown below. In this article, we will do everything using free tools.

  1. Get yourself a favicon. You can use a website like favikon to generate one for you.

  2. Download the file to your computer. We recommend using the PNG format.

  3. Upload your new favicon image to a web server. If you don't have a server, look for a cloud hosting solution - a free Dropbox account is a good choice.

  4. Once your file is hosted, you'll need to get the link for it. If you are using Dropbox, you'll need to create a share link for the image.

  5. After uploading the file to Dropbox, click the Share button next to it.

  6. Click Create a link.

  7. Click Copy link and paste it into Notepad, Textedit or whatever text editor you prefer. It should look something like this:

  8. Now, copy the code below into your text editor and replace the yourlinkhere with the link you just generated in Dropbox.

    <link rel="icon" href="yourlinkhere">

  9. Your code should look like this now:

    <link rel="icon" href="">

  10. The final step is to change the www part of the url you generated from Dropbox to dl. Your code should like this now:

    <link rel="icon" href="">

  11. Now, simply paste the code into the Head Tag and republish the Landing Page.