Setting up your Keap Business Line

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Keap Business Line gives you a second phone number, just for your business. Letting you keep your work and personal texts and calls separate.

Call or text your contacts using your Keap Business Line. With message and call history displayed in-line in your Keap app, you can quickly and accurately follow up with your clients from anywhere. Keap Business Line is currently available in the United States and Canada. Keap Business Line can only make and receive calls or messages from U.S. or Canadian numbers.

Download the mobile app:

Set up your Keap phone number on the web

  1. Navigate to "Comms" followed by "Business line"


  2. Click "Get my phone number"

  3. Enter the area code you want your number to be located in

  4. Choose a phone number from the list

  5. Click "Next"

  6. Enter the mobile number you want to Keap Business Line to connect to

  7. Check the box to agree with the Business Line Terms of Service

  8. Click Send code

  9. Verify your number

  10. Your new business line is ready to use; send your first text

Log in to the Keap mobile app

  1. Enter in your Keap ID and tap "Log in"

    Keap ID (The email address used to access your application)

  2. Enter your password and tap "Log in"

Set up your Keap phone number in the Keap Mobile app

  1. Tap "Comms"


  2. Tap the "Choose a number" button


    Or if you already have a phone number you want to use with Keap, tap Port a number to Keap. Learn more about phone porting here.


  3. Review the Keap Terms of Use, Business Line Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy and tap "OK, got it"


  4. Enter the U.S. or Canadian area code


  5. Tap "Continue"


  6. Select a number from the list or tap "Load more" to see more available numbers for the area code you entered

    Or select a unique number by tapping "Unique number lookup"


  7. To create a vanity number, search for a short word and Keap will see if any numbers are available. If no numbers are available, we'll check different area codes for a match.


  8. Once you've found your new number, tap "Confirm my number"

  9. Verify your number by entering your current phone number into the field and tapping "Send code"


  10. Enter the code and tap "Let's go" to finish setting up your new Keap Business Line

The Keap business Line Verification Process

  • Submit form with the following information to valid your business information
    • A local number, you will need a valid tax ID (EIN for US users, and ITIN for Canadian users) for your business. 
    • Sole proprietors are not allowed to use their SSN. You can either get an EIN from the IRS, or you will need to give up your local number, and get a toll free number.

Why is this required?
The FCC reclassified Business Texting into an informational service and follow different guidelines than normal texting you are able to do via a standard cell phone. These regulations are all enforced by the US Mobile Carriers and they are not allowing any exceptions

Is there a difference between Toll Free & Local?

Yes! Toll Free Numbers are not only cheaper to use, but also require far less information than Local Numbers registration does. Local numbers are required to have EIN/TaxID, while Toll Free does not. There are samples of both local and toll free registration samples in this Google Drive Folder to see the differences.

How Long Does This Take?

Toll Free: Toll Free Registration takes 1-2 Weeks for verification. However, as your number is going through the Toll Free Verification process, you are still able to send SMS during this period. Messages are limited to 2,000 outbound messages per carrier, per day, but messages will still work

Local Numbers: There is much more scrutiny happening with local number vetting and verification. This process is taking 1-2 Weeks, and during vetting/verification process, outbound messages WILL NOT WORK until fully verified

What if I am rejected?

We will list reasons why it was rejected. Some rejections can be re-submitted with proper information. However, in some instances a rejection may be not available for resubmission. This may be due to content violations such as CBD, SHAFT violations, and other industries and illegal content. A guide to what is not allowed is located here on our legal page. This page can be given to the customers: 

Local Number Registration Requirements

We’ve put together easy-to-follow tips to help you register your business SMS. Gather the following information to avoid rejections from the mobile carriers.

EIN/Tax ID: Each company is required to have an EIN or Business Number to register. This is required and SSNs are not allowed. You can apply for a free EIN at the IRS here.

If the legal business name in your registration does not exactly match what’s on file with the IRS or CRA, your registration will be rejected.

  • Q: Why can I not use my SSN? Why is this required?

    • A: This is a hard requirement from the US Mobile Carriers

Company Information: You’ll need to have these details about your company handy during registration:

  • Legal company name

  • Country of registration

  • EIN (U.S.) / Business Number (Canada)

  • Legal company address

  • Phone number

  • Website

Organization Type: Be prepared to provide whether your organization is publicly traded, a non-profit (501 business) or privately owned (e.g., an LLC).

Industry: Which industry does your business operate in? Based on your answer, you’ll need to select a vertical that best matches your industry.

Primary Contact: You’ll need to provide a contact name, title, address, email and phone number.

End Recipient Consent: Consent is required before you can send any type of text message to your recipients.  Provide a list of how you obtain consent, including implied, verbal or written. If you collect opt-ins via your website, ensure that you include opt-in language

  • Websites MUST HAVE opt in/opt out information listed on the website given or the carriers will reject

Messaging Examples: You’ll need to provide examples of your messages showing how you are or will be using SMS. These examples should reflect the typical messages you send (even if purely conversational).

  • If sending informational or promotional messages (anything outside of a typical conversation), include opt-out language (e.g., Reply STOP to opt out) at the end of your sample message


Who can I call or text with Keap Business Line?
You can call or text any U.S. or Canadian phone number with your Keap Business Line.

Can I port in a pre-paid phone number?
Currently we do not support porting of pre-paid phone numbers.

I am testing my business line and the call is going straight to voicemail. Why doesn't it work on my phone?
If you attempt to call your Keap Business Line from the same device that is receiving the forwarded Keap phone calls, your call will go straight to voicemail. Be sure to test your new business line with a different device.

Can I have more than one Keap Business Line?
At this time, you may only register for one Keap Business Line per Keap app. However, you can set up to five phone numbers to receive incoming calls from your Keap Business Line through call forwarding. Up to five users can be registered to make outbound calls using your Keap Business Line.

If I have a Canadian Keap Business Line can I make calls to the US and can US numbers call my Canadian number?
Yes! Keap Business Line users can call US and Canadian numbers. 

If I'm in Canada can I get a US number? Can I get a Canadian number from within the US?
Yes, just enter the area code you'd like to use for your number.

Can I port my Keap Business Line out of Keap's system?
Yes, you are able to port your Keap Business Line number out of Keap. Please contact us to complete this request. 

If you are porting your phone number because you are cancelling your account, be aware that Keap retains phone numbers for up to two weeks after you cancel. Ensure you discuss porting your phone number with your Customer Success Manager when you cancel or with our Support team to avoid losing access to your number.