Keap Mobile Business Line: Set up your phone number

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Install Keap Mobile to your iOS or Android device

Call or text your contacts using your Keap Business Line. With message and call history displayed in-line in your Keap app, you can quickly and accurately follow up with your clients from anywhere. Keap Business Line is currently available in the United States and Canada.

How to set up your Keap phone number

  1. Tap the phone icon to open the Communication page
  2. Tap the Choose a number button
    Or if you already have a phone number you want to use with Keap, tap Port a number to Keap. Learn more about phone porting here.
  3. Review the Keap Terms of Use, Business Line Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy and tap I agree
  4. Enter a U.S. or Canadian area code

  5. Tap Continue

  6. Select a number from the list or tap Load more to see more available numbers for the area code you entered

    Or create a unique vanity number by tapping Try it out.

  7. To create a vanity number, search for a short word and Keap will see if any numbers are available. If no numbers are available, we'll check different area codes for a match.

  8. Once you've found your new number, tap Done

  9. Confirm your choice

  10. Verify your number by entering your current phone number into the field and tapping Send code
  11. Enter the code and tap Let's go to finish setting up your new Keap Business Line

Change or remove your Keap Business Line

You may only change your phone number one time. To change your number:

  1. Navigate to the app's Settings by tapping the gear icon
  2. Select the Messaging and Phone option
  3. Select Keap Business Line
  4. Tap on the 3 dot icon at the top right
  5. Tap on Change Keap Business Line number


What is the purpose of the phone number verification?
The phone verification will get enable inbound and outbound phone calls to connect with your new phone number.

Who can I call or text with Keap Business Line?
You can call or text any U.S. or Canadian phone number with your Keap Business Line.

I am testing my business line and the call is going straight to voicemail. Why doesn't it work on my phone?
If you attempt to call your Keap Business Line from the same device that is receiving the forwarded Keap phone calls, your call will go straight to voicemail. Be sure to test your new business line with a different device.

Can I have more than one Keap Business Line?
At this time, you may only register one business line per Keap account. However, you can set up to five phone numbers to receive incoming calls from your Keap Business Line through call forwarding.

If I have a Canadian Keap Business Line can I make calls to the US and can US numbers call my Canadian number?
Yes! Keap Business Line users can call US and Canadian numbers. 

If I'm in Canada can I get a US number? Can I get a Canadian number from within the US?
Yes, just enter the area code you'd like to use for your number.

Can I port my Keap Business Line out of Keap's system?
Yes, you are able to port your Keap Business Line number out of Keap. Please contact us to complete this request. 

If you are porting your phone number because you are cancelling your account, be aware that Keap retains phone numbers for up to two weeks after you cancel. Ensure you discuss porting your phone number with your Customer Success Manager when you cancel or with our Support team to avoid losing access to your number.