Companies list

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Now you can organize your contacts by company, making it easier to view and interact with them. See all of your companies in one simplified view, complete with a search bar for quick access.

Access your Companies list

  1. Navigate to your Contacts
  2. Click the Companies tab
  3. Keap will display a list of your companies with 50 companies on each page
  4. Quickly navigate between pages using the buttons at the bottom of the Companies list

View the contacts associated with a company

  1. Access your Companies list
  2. Select a company to see a list of the associated contacts
  3. Select a contact to view their contact record

Add contacts to a company

In addition to managing contacts with the Companies list, contacts can be added to a company by modifying the Company field on the contact record.

  1. Access your Companies list
  2. Select a company
  3. Click the + button or the Add a contact button
  4. Select an existing contact to add to the company or create a new contact
    Note: You can select one of your Internal forms while adding contacts by clicking the Add contacts to this company header
  5. Click Add contacts

Take action on multiple contacts at a company

Use your Companies list to take an action on all or some contacts at a company. You can add or remove tags to contacts, send them a broadcast, export their details, add them to an automation or delete the contacts.

  1. Access your Companies list
  2. View the contacts associated with a company
  3. Click Select all
    or click the avatar for each contact you want to take action on
  4. Select and complete the desired action