Companies list

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Now you can organize your contacts by company, making it easier to view and interact with them. See all of your companies in one simplified view, complete with a search bar for quick access.

Access your Companies list

  1. Navigate to your Contacts
  2. Click the Companies tab
  3. Keap will display a list of your companies

View the contacts associated with a company

  1. Access your Companies list
  2. Select a company to see a list of the associated contacts
  3. Select a contact to view their contact record

Add contacts to a company

In addition to managing contacts with the Companies list, contacts can be added to a company by modifying the Company field on the contact record.

  1. Access your Companies list
  2. Select a company
  3. Click the + button or the Add a contact button
  4. Select an existing contact to add to the company or create a new contact
  5. Click Add contacts

Take action on multiple contacts at a company

Use your Companies list to take an action on all or some contacts at a company. You can add or remove tags to contacts, send them a broadcast, export their details, add them to a campaign or delete the contacts.

  1. Access your Companies list
  2. View the contacts associated with a company
  3. Click Select all
    or click the avatar for each contact you want to take action on
  4. Select and complete the desired action

Custom company fields

You can create up to 100 custom fields for your company records. These custom company fields are independent of your custom contact fields and cannot be referenced with merge fields. Once a custom company field is created, you cannot change it's type. Learn more about custom field types.

To create a new custom company field or add an existing one to a company record:

  1. After accessing a company record, click Edit
  2. Click Add custom company field
  3. Select an existing custom company field or click Create custom company field
  4. To create a field, enter a name, select a type, configure the field as needed, and click Create field
  5. Enter the relevant information into the field
  6. Click Save