Keap Mobile Business Line: Call ringtone

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Install Keap Mobile to your iOS or Android device

Too busy to pick up? You can hear whether it’s time to drop what you’re doing or let it go until later. Customize your ringtone and get an audible cue when your Keap Business Line (available in US and Canada) is receiving a call.

Access Notification and Sounds settings

  1. Tap the gear icon to open the Settings page
  2. Tap Notifications and Sounds
  3. Tap Call ringtone
  4. Follow the steps to customize your ringtone
    Note: Your Keap app does not control your ringtone. We just guide you on how to edit the ringtone.

For iOS

  1. Open your Keap Phone Call contact
  2. Tap Edit on the contact
  3. Choose a ringtone
  4. Tap Done

For Android

  1. Open your Contacts
  2. Select the Keap Phone Call contact
  3. Tap Edit or open the More menu and select Edit
  4. Choose a new ringtone
  5. Save your changes

Warning! Do not edit the phone number in your Keap Phone Call contact. Editing this number will cause your Keap Business Line calls to fail.