Roadrunner Addresses Disabled from Sending

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Roadrunner and domains were disabled from being able to send email from Keap applications from January 24th  2020

In 2012 Roadrunner was bought by Time Warner Cable (TWC) and rebranded as Spectrum. In 2015 Charter Communications purchased TWC and therefore the Spectrum brand. As a result of the rebrand, all and emails have been phased out and rebranded as Spectrum. Consequently, all users were asked to convert their email domains to Spectrum no later than October of 2019.

Emails sent to the phased out domains, or, are being flagged by email providers as spam or used as spam traps. We have therefore made the decision to stop sending to these domains. This will increase the quality of service for all customers by improving sender reputation.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Due to the entire domain being phased out, we cannot allow single addresses as an exception. If you are certain that you have a bone-fide contact with a or email domain please forward them this link to migrate their account off these domains as required by Spectrum.

To discover these contacts in your app:

1) Log into Keap

2) In the 'Search contacts' field, enter to list all contacts with a roadrunner email domain

3) In the 'Search contacts' field enter to list all contacts with a domain.

Have questions?

Contact support at: +1 866 800 0004

or visit: