Contact overview

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Customers are going to engage with your business in many ways. Your full contact list is used for tracking all of the different interactions your have with customers and is very important to your business because you can use Keap to track projects, sales, notes, emails sent, and content engagement by each contact.

Because each customer engages in different ways, it's important to tag customers so you can identify their preferred communication method and connect with them in a way that works best for them! This also helps keep your email list clean as you only be sending emails to customers who expect them and interact with them.

Add contacts

Click "Add a contact" button to enter your contacts details, including First Name, Last Name, email, phone, and "Contact Type".

  • For more information for adding a contact click here
  • For more information regarding the "Contact Type" click here

Follow up with customers

Promptly follow up with your new contacts with an email sent directly from their contact record. Select an email template, customize it if you’d like, and schedule it to send immediately or the next business day. For more information, click here

Filter contacts

You can filter your contacts based on specific criteria or create a Contact List with that specific criteria, which will allow you to quickly take action  (i.e. "Potential leads" - follow up , sending email, etc.) For more information, click here

Import contacts

Import multiple contacts and contact fields using a Excel CVS file. For more information, click here

Bulk actions

You can select multiple contacts to take action on them all simultaneously. You can select multiple contacts in a variety of ways:

  • Click Select all to select all the contacts in your current list
  • Select specific contacts by clicking the circle containing their initials or avatar
  • Select a group of specific contacts from your list:
    1. Click the avatar of the first contact in the group you want to select
    2. Hold your Shift key
    3. Click the avatar of the last contact you want to select
    4. All contacts between your first and last contact clicked will be selected. 
    5. Repeat steps 1-3 as needed to select additional groups of contacts

After selecting multiple contacts, the following actions will be available at the bottom of the page:

Contact record and activity feed

The contact record includes quick action buttons for common interactions with contacts, such as sending an email or creating a task. Beneath these buttons is the activity feed which shows all of the events related to a contact that have taken place recently. For more information, click here.