Contact overview

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Customers are going to engage with your business in many ways. Your full contact list is used for tracking all of the different interactions your have with customers and is very important to your business. You can track customers projects, sales, notes, emails sent, and content engagement. Because each customer engages in different ways, it's important to tag customers so you can identify their preferred communication method and connect with them in a way that works best for them! This also helps keep your email list clean as you only be sending emails to customers who expect them and interact with them.

Add contacts

Click "Add a contact" button to enter your contacts details, including First Name, Last Name, email, phone, and "Contact Type".

  • For more information for adding a contact click here
  • For more information regarding the "Contact Type" click here

Follow up with customers

Promptly follow up with your new contacts with an email sent directly from their contact record. Select an email template, customize it if you’d like, and schedule it to send immediately or the next business day. For more information, click here

Filter contacts

You can filter your contacts based on specific criteria or create a Contact List with that specific criteria, which will allow you to quickly take action  (i.e. "Potential leads" - follow up , sending email, etc.) For more information, click here

Import contacts

Import multiple contacts and contact fields using a Excel CVS file. For more information, click here

Bulk updates

Click the top check box to select all contacts or individual check boxes for specific contacts to run any of these actions.

Contact sections

Click on the icons located in the contact card to navigate to the various sections of the contact record. 

  • Contact activity
    Every contact record displays an "activity stream" that shows all of the communication events that have taken place recently. The activity stream includes history of, tasks, notes, emails and appointments. You can keep scrolling down on the page to reveal the complete activity history of the contact.
  • Details
    Click the Details button to view all of the contact record information and to add or change values in the contact record.
  • Email
    Send customized emails directly from your contact record. Add attachments, sign off with your personalized signature, and use the rich text editor to format the email
  • Meet
    Invite your client to meet by sending an appointment request link directly from the contact record. Note:  You must connect your Google Calendar first.
  • Money
    If you are processing payments, this tab will house the purchase history. You can also manually add payments,  create and track invoices, and create and track Quotes. To learn more click here
  • More
    • Tasks
      Track to do's by creating task on the contact record, which will show up in your task list on the dashboard
    • Note
      This is simply a text area for jotting down a quick note on the contact record
    • Automations
      View what automations the contact is active in
    • Files
      Upload files to a contact record as long as they don't exceed 10MB in size
    • Tags
      Segment your contacts into very specific lists so that you can send more targeted marketing messages to those contacts.