Play Blueprint: Nurture Sequence

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Why Run It: To create fans by delivering consistent value to their inbox

Who It's For: All businesses

Implementation time: 30-45min

Play Snapshot

A nurture sequence is one of the cornerstones of sales and marketing automation. A nurture sequence is not to be confused with the e-mail marketing drip campaign, it is much more powerful. With the power of Keap you can incorporate numerous touch points in your nurture sequence that set it apart as one of the most powerful plays every business should run.

We will run this play with a focus on creating fans, but a good nurture sequence can impact other areas of your business, including converting yourleads to clients..

Just as the name implies this play is all about nurturing your customers throughout their entire relationship with you. In this blueprint we will show you how build a nurture process that helps you stay connected, engaged, and top of mind to your prospect and/or customers. . A nurture sequence can have many purposes, and it’s up to you to decide and build different nurtures for different outcomes.  The most successful nurturing sequences that treat the recipient's email inbox with care.  It’s important to be thoughtful about both the value of the content that you provide and the frequency in which you serve up your content.     

Pro Tip: Using delay timers and tags can help you make sure that the right message is delivered to the right contacts, at the right time.

Play Components:

1. Lead capture transition

You can connect your nurture sequence to any number of lead capture mechanisms. If you use it conjunction with more than one lead capture play (for example, a Contact Us form and a Newsletter Signup), you’ll want to ensure you set up the transition properly to do this, you’ll need to set up the nurture to be triggered for each lead capture. You’ll also want to review the content to make sure the transition from the lead capture form to the Nurture Sequence is clear and pleasant!

2. Nurture assets

Design your nurture assets to move the lead from wherever they are to the next step in your relationship with them. Whether you’re using Email, text messages, phone calls or another communication channel, it’s important to be clear about the goals for each step. Documenting what you want people to learn, believe and do after reading each piece of content in this nurture will give you a clear path to creating content that will perform well. 

3. Automation sequence

Set up your nurture sequence as an automation so that leads will automatically flow into it and receive the sequence of messages. This ensures that leads will consistently receive the critical nurture messages. You can leverage easy or advanced automations for the Nurture Sequence.

Below is your in-depth action plan that breaks down the strategy and tactics of each step and details the assets, content, skills, and specific actions to follow to execute this play like a pro. 

To create the assets needed for your nurture sequence you will need:

  • Branded Assets - Your logo, icons, colors, fonts, images
  • Copy for your series of emails

Checkpoints to Launch

Write your email copy for however many emails you want to include in your nurture sequence
Create or source some images or videos to put into your emails

Depending on how or what you choose to precede the nurture sequence will determine if you use an Easy or Advanced Automation -- there are templates below for both. 

Checkpoints to Launch:

Design your Landing Page to Clearly show the offer.
Build the correct contact fields into the form used to collect data
Decide if you want to apply a tag and segment to any contact who fills out this form
Publish and test form

The delivery step of this play is centered around connecting your nurture sequence to the right lead magnet or lead magnets.

Be sure to double check email copy before publishing, and send yourself or a team member a test of each individual email. 

Checkpoints to Launch:

Insert the email copy you will use to deliver your lead magnet
Test the automation and make sure the emails look how you want.

 Go To Easy Automation Template

Success Metrics

Primary: Open/Click Rate

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