Cancel my Keap Application

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We are sorry to hear you are considering cancelling your services.  To protect you and your data, we need verbal confirmation from the Admin/Owner of the account before making any changes to the account.  You can call us directly at 866-800-0004 to request to cancel or you can complete the request to cancel information in your application.  

To request an Keap employee to contact you about cancelling: 

  1. Click the settings icon in the top right corner of the screen.  

  2. Click My account

  3. Click Speak to someone about cancelling
  4. Select Cancel Reason

  5. Provide Cancel Details

  6. Check the box to confirm you understand that this is a request to speak to someone about cancelling and that submitting this form does not mean your account is cancelled.  

  7. Check the box to confirm you understand that your monthy payments to Keap are non-refundable and that you have read the billing policy

  8. Enter the Best Phone Number to reach you.

  9. Enter the Best Email Address to reach you. 

  10. Provide a Best Contact Time for our representative to contact you.  

  11. Click Submit Request