Add and Manage Products

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Set up a product

  1. Click on your user avatar and choose Settings

  2. Click Products and services

  3. Click Add a product or service to create a new item or click Edit on an existing item to update it

  4. Enter a product name, description and price

  5. Click Add or Save

Collect sales tax

You can add a tax on each individual product. First, you'll need to set up your tax and then apply it to your products. You can set up multiple taxes

  1. Go to the Taxes tab
  2. Click the Add button and choose Sales tax
  3. Name the tax to be collected and enter the percentage
  4. Click Create and add sales tax
  5. Now, click on the Products tab
  6. Click Edit on a product
  7. Check the box to apply the sales tax
  8. Click Save
  9. The tax will now be collected on the checkout page

Product Automation

While setting up your products, you can view, edit or create a brand new automation.

  1. Click the number to view the automation(s) associated with the product
  2. You can now make any changes to an existing automation
  3. Or, you can create a new one, by clicking the Plus button
  4. Click When
  5. Choose Purchase is made
  6. Choose the product
  7. Click to choose what will be automated
  8. Choose what things will happen
  9. Click Publish when you are finished

Keap Academy

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