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May 31, 2023 | Keap

06/01/2023Martin Cash
Lead source attribution (Max) Lead attribution can help you understand which marketing channels are most effective at generating leads, so you can focus your resources on those channels. Learn more . Charge customers with card on file (Pro/Max) ...

March 24, 2023 | Keap

03/24/2023Martin Cash
Merge Duplicate Contacts (Pro/Max) You can now regularly check for and merge duplicate contact records. First, you will need to check for duplicate records. The dup check tool identifies two matching records at a time based on the criteria you sele...

February 16, 2023 | Keap

02/16/2023Martin Cash
Simplified send a broadcast flow

February 08, 2023 | Keap

02/16/2023Martin Cash
Bug fixes

February 02, 2023 | Keap

02/02/2023Martin Cash
Bug Fixes When an application was using Greek lettering in their custom field names, the content step in an email broadcast loaded an empty page. When an application had more than one pipeline, and when deal outcomes were named differently betwee...

January 20, 2023 | Keap

01/20/2023Martin Cash
Apple/Google Pay with Stripe If you are using a Stripe merchant account, you now have the ability to accept Google Pay or Apple Pay on checkout forms. Learn More . Apply Tags to New Landing Page form submission You can now apply a tag when someo...

December 22, 2022 | Keap

12/22/2022Martin Cash
Campaign links in the new Email Builder A Campaign link is a campaign-specific hyperlink that you can merge into email templates. If the link changes, you don't have to modify each email template individually, just the URL of the campaign link....

December 8, 2022 | Keap

12/08/2022Martin Cash
Search and sort Easy automations

December 2, 2022 | Keap

11/30/2022Martin Cash
Update to the contact import page and new holiday-themed email templates

November 17, 2022 | Keap

11/18/2022Martin Cash
Keap Marketing Number Validation