May 31, 2023 | Keap

This article applies to:

Lead source attribution (Max)

Lead attribution can help you understand which marketing channels are most effective at generating leads, so you can focus your resources on those channels. Learn more.

Charge customers with card on file (Pro/Max)

No more failed payments or awkward phone calls to customers. Previously only available in Max Classic, Keap now allows Pro and Max users to store a customer's credit card on file. Learn more.

Send test emails to multiple people at one time in the new email builder (Pro/Max)

he new email builder now allows you to send test emails to multiple people on your team. Learn more.

Create and apply multiple tags while customizing an email (Pro/Max)

You no longer need to leave the current email you are working on and go to a different part of the app to create tags. You can now set up tags and apply them on-the-fly while setting up an email. Learn more.