Add contacts - follow up with customers

Promptly follow up with your new contacts with an email sent directly from their contact record. Select an email template, customize it if you’d like, and schedule it to send immediately or the next business day.

Send Follow-up, Introduction, or Invite to set appointment email

  1. Go to Contacts located on the left navigation

  2. Click "Add a Contact"

  3. Under "Contact Type" select Lead or Customer

  4. Select which template to use  



Pro-Tip! As as soon as you select a template is added to your contacts. You will see a notice appear on the bottom left of your screen. 

Preview and Edit default Introduction Email

  1. "Edit template" to edit the message

  2. Select a different template from the drop down

  3. Click "Save template" when you're done

  4. Click "Send now" to send it out immediately

  5. Click "Send later" to send the next business day at 8 a.m.