How to create a new email

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The new Email Builder is available when adding an email to a sequence in Advanced Automation.

Note to Partners: Campaign links are not currently supported for content publishing

  1. Open up a sequence in the campaign builder
  2. Drag the Email message goal onto the campaign canvas
  3. Double-click the goal to set it up
  4. Select whether you want to Create a new template, a Text only template, or select a template from the Gallery.
  5. You can also choose from a previously saved template, a previously sent template, or a previous draft that was auto-saved
  6. Note that you can send yourself a test email while creating your email template
  7. Click the Mobile button to edit your broadcast for mobile devices
  8. When you are finished building your email, click Next: Ready

  9. Create your broadcast by adding, removing, and modifying the content and formatting of your message
  10. Click the Mobile button to edit your broadcast for mobile devices

  11. Note that you can send a test email to up to 6 users in your account while creating your email template

  12. Select which Keap user the broadcast will be sent from
  13. Select individual contacts or tags for your broadcast's audience
  14. Enter a subject line
  15. Enter preview text 
  16. Note that you can send yourself a test to take a look at the final result before sending the broadcast

Email broadcast content

You can use various types of content and formatting in your email broadcasts. These include:

  • Columns
  • Buttons
  • Dividers
  • Headings
  • HTML blocks
  • Images
  • Menus
  • Social media information
  • Text
  • Timers
  • Videos
  • Appointment Booking
  • File 

Edit images

You can edit images within Keap's broadcast builder. First begin creating your email broadcast, then follow the steps below.

  1. Select an image in your broadcast

  2. Click Apply Effects & More

  3. Use the tools to edit your image

  4. Click Save to apply your changes


  • Can I use existing templates in the new builder?
    Currently no. This is a high priority item for our engineering team. This is not a small lift and communications will be sent as we move closer to a resolution. You can however, recreate (and upgrade) your templates with the new email builder features.
  • If I share a Campaign that uses templates from existing builders will the campaign and those emails still work?
    Yes! Even though, by default, the existing builder is not in the Control Panel in a Campaign Sequence any email items on the Campaign Builder canvas will automatically open and be editable in the builder in which it was created.
  • Can I tag a contact that clicked a link?
    Yes. That function was added March 24, 2022. Learn more here.
  • Can I add a Hosted File Download?
    Yes. There is a File object that you can drag into your template
  • Can I use custom merge fields in my email?
    Yes. That function will be fully released June 23, 2022. See our full release notes for details.
  • Where are Campaign Merge fields in Campaign Builder?
    The ability to select campaign merge fields in the builder is set for release by end of Q3 2022. However, they will still resolve if you copy them from another template or type them in. Follow our full release notes for details when released.
  • Where are the global fonts/settings?
    Font types and other global options can be found in the ‘Body’ section of the navigation bar on the right.
  • Can I send from a custom address?
    No. This was a deliberate choice as this had the potential for spoofed/fraudulent emails to be sent. We are working on a tool to validate your email address or domain associated with the app to be implemented by Q4 2022.
  • I don’t see AB Testing in the new email builder. Will that be coming?
    Usage stats showed less than 1% of Keap Pro/Max users use this feature. Given the low usage and large effort to implement, this is a lower priority item. If you would like to share feedback please do so in app or via customer support feedback
  • Can I embed a video directly into the email builder?
    No, the video itself can't be played directly from the email due to email size limitations and for security reasons. However, using the Video element, you can link to a YouTube or Vimeo video through a preview image that's automatically generated when you insert the video's URL.

 Follow our Release Notes for updates on above items and more coming often fast to the New Email Builder.