Contact record and activity feed

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The contact record provides key information about your contacts and includes action buttons so you can easily book appointments, send messages, and much more, enabling you to get straight to work. 

See your activity grouped by type, and quickly take action based on what’s most important. If an invoice is overdue, you have an unread message, or have overdue tasks, you'll see those items at the top.

Contact record overview

The top of each contact record includes an avatar, the contact's name, contact details, and action buttons. Buttons to call, text (requires Keap Business Line), email, tag, and add a note to a contact are immediately available.

Additional actions can be accessed by clicking the More button and include options to book an appointment, add a task, add a payment, invoice, or quote, upload a file, use a form to update the contact, and add the contact to a campaign.

Edit contact details

  1. Click the contact's avatar
  2. Click the Edit button
  3. Update the desired fields
  4. Click the Save button when finished

Contact avatars

Keap's contact avatars are pulled from Wordpress' Gravatar service. If your contact has added an avatar to this service using an email on the contact record, Keap will automatically add their image. All other avatars will be created by using the first two initials of a contact full name.

Activity feed overview

Every contact record displays an activity feed of the events that have taken place with a contact, grouped by activity type, so you can easily find what you're looking for. Better yet, the activity feed will display high urgency items, such as missed payments, unanswered communications, and overdue tasks, at the top of the activity feed so you can quickly identify what actions to take.

To view the related activity, click anywhere on the card.

When reviewing specific types of activities, you will have an option to create a new item, in this example a task, in the upper right corner.

Once you're done reviewing or creating the contact's activities, click the back arrow to return to the contact record.

Chronological activity feed

By default, the activity feed will show a grouped view by activity type. To view activity for a contact in chronological order, click the clock button at the top of the activity feed. 

The following contact activities will be listed in the chronological view:

  • Email sent
  • Task created
  • Task updated
  • Task completed
  • Task deleted
  • Note created
  • Note updated
  • Note deleted
  • Added to a campaign
  • Removed from a campaign
  • Added to a Pipeline deal
  • Pipeline deal deleted