Deal Email

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Send customized emails from deal cards within your Pipeline. With full rich text editing capabilities, you can add bullet points, change font sizes, link to URLs, and more!

  1. Click Pipeline from the left side navigation

  2. Click any Deal card

  1. On the deal card, click the email icon

Available Features:

  1. Subject

  2. Subject Preview line

  3. Content

    • Subject Line
    • Preview Line
    • Bold Font
    • Italic Font
    • Underline Font
    • Strikethrough Font
    • Sans Serif Font
    • Serif Font
    • Monospace Font
    • Small Font
    • Normal Font
    • Large Font
    • Huge Font
    • Numbered List
    • Bulleted List
    • Left Justify
    • Center Justify
    • Right Justify
    • Strip Formatting
    • URL Link
  4. Signature block

Note: Attachments cannot be added to deal emails.