Deal Email

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Send customized emails from deal cards within your Pipeline. With full rich text editing capabilities, you can add bullet points, change font sizes, link to URLs, and more!

Add a new Pipeline

  1. Click Sales > Pipeline from the left side navigation

  2. Click any Deal card

  1. On the deal card, click the email icon

Available Features:

  • Subject
  • Subject Preview line
  • Content
  • Subject Line
  • Preview Line
  • Bold Font
  • Italic Font
  • Underline Font
  • Strikethrough Font
  • Sans Serif Font
  • Serif Font
  • Monospace Font
  • Small Font
  • Normal Font
  • Large Font
  • Huge Font
  • Numbered List
  • Bulleted List
  • Left Justify
  • Center Justify
  • Right Justify
  • Strip Formatting
  • URL Link
  • Signature block

Note: Attachments cannot be added to deal emails.