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You can measure the performance of specific emails broadcasts to identify which emails are performing well and which may need to be optimized, using open rates, clicks, opt-outs and more. 

View broadcast details

  1. Go to Comms > Email Broadcasts from the left hand navigation.

  2. Click the Filter button and select Sent.
  3. Click the ellipses next the broadcast you want to see and choose View report.

Email Information

The email information is located at the top left.

  • Created: the date the mail was created 
  • From: Who the email was sent "From"
  • To: how contacts were added via Tags and/or Save Search
  • Subject: the email subject
  • Body: email template used in the email broadcast

Send progress

Located on the left side under email information.

  • Current Status: status of the broadcast (sent, scheduled, done, cancelled, queued)
  • Start time: time the email starting sending to recipients 
  • End time: time the email completed sending
  • Emails pending: How many emails were scheduled to be sent
  • Emails sent: number of emails sent
  • *Emails Skipped: number of emails not sent

    *Email addresses that are duplicates or that have one of the following statuses are automatically skipped: opt-out, non- marketable (never opted-in), reported spam, invalid (improperly formatted), hard bounce (address does not exist). The search that displays when the skipped count is clicked displays all contacts that match this criteria. This is important to note if you encounter a discrepancy in your reporting. 

Broadcast Stats

Keap uses link tracking algorithms to detect web crawlers and bots that scan emails and click links. We filter bot activity out of your reports so that you have accurate data and insights. Our system also ensures that those bots don't get tagged or entered into automation sequences, keeping your CRM organized.

The stats are located in the middle of the page. Click the blue number to pull up the Batch Email Reporting.

  • Total Sent: total number of emails sent from Infusionsoft
  • Open: overall open rate for the email
  • Clicks: click-through rate and includes the percentage of recipients that clicked on a link in your email
  • Unopened: percentage of emails not flagged as opened. Open rates are not exact and are only intended to give an estimate
  • Opt-ins: percentage of recipients that clicked on an email confirmation link
  • Opt-outs: percentage of recipients that unsubscribed from your email marketing
  • Bounces: emails rejected by the receiving server
  • Complaints: the recipient marked the email as spam and reported it through their Email Service Provider (ESP) such as Google or Yahoo

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