Sent email report

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The sent email report uses the Email Batch Results to show you the result of each contact record that was a part of a broadcast.  This is the main report used when you go to Broadcasts and view the broadcast details. To learn more, click here

Pro-tip! Before you search setup your columns. This will ensure that you have the results your looking for.

  1. Go to "Reports" from the left menu

  2. Click "Sent email reports "

  3. Click "New Search"

Search Criteria - search tab

  • First Name
  • Last Name Email
  • Sent Interval

Search Criteria - Misc Criteria

  • Batch Id
  • Opened 
  • Opened Interval 
  • Clicked 
  • Clicked Interval 
  • Link Clicked
  • Opted 
  • Opted Interval 
  • Opt type
  • Bounced 
  • Bounced Interval
  • Bounce Type

Search Criteria - Columns

  • Use the arrows to move "Available Fields" to "Custom Columns" and vice versa