Adding Text Opt-in on Public Forms

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When sending a text message broadcast or sending a text message with automation, the first message that the contact is sent is preceded by an opt-in text that will ask the contact if they want to receive messages from your business. While consent is paramount in sending marketing text messages, this can cause friction in the communication experience. Instead, offer new leads the option to opt-in for marketing texts on a public form. 

While Keap confirms the contact is opting in to marketing texts, you are responsible for understanding and complying with the laws and regulations associated with consent for text message automation and marketing.

Add Text Opt-in on Public Forms

To add an option to opt-in for marketing text messages, you will need to create or edit an existing public form.

  1. Navigate to the edit screen of a public form.
  2. Click Add fields at the bottom of the list of fields
  3. Select the Phone field
  4. Click the ... button to open the overflow menu
  5. Toggle the Show opt-in to the on position

Text Opt-in Message

Prospects who view the public form will see an opt-in consent message and a checkbox below the phone field. When contacts who complete the public form with this box checked are sent a text message broadcasts and text message automation, they will no longer be sent the opt-in text, but will just get the marketing text message you created.

Benefits of receiving consent for marketing text messages: 

  • You only send messages to the contacts that want to receive them
  • Keap tracks opt-in and opt-out status on a per phone number basis, making it easy for you to know who is opted in or out even if you have multiple contacts with the same phone number


Can I change the opt-in message on the public form? 
The messaging in the public form is written in a way to ensure proper consent. If you would like to change the messaging, you can use the opt-in text confirmation message sent when contacts are sent their first marketing text. Legally required verbiage will automatically be added to you opt-in message.

Do contacts have to check the consent checkbox in order to submit the form?
The checkbox is only set to optional. 

You can learn more about our text message broadcast and automation features in this FAQ article.