January 13, 2022 | Keap

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Recommended actions for new leads

We all know that the speed with which a business follows up on a new lead is paramount.  When a contact is marked as a lead and has not yet been interacted with (no email sent, no text sent, no call made), then Keap surfaces up a recommendation to send an invite to meet via an email or a text to connect or send a promotional offer to get the conversation started. This will help with knowing what next action to take with a new lead based on best business practices. Learn more

reCAPTCHA Enterprise for public forms and checkout forms

We have upgraded to the most current version of reCAPTCHA called Enterprise. This allows for updated security when public forms are submitted including public lead forms and checkout forms. Learn more

Bug fixes

  • Email reporting within campaign sequences was not including emails built with the new builder

  • The Promo Code field did not display on public Checkout Forms for apps with certain Keap editions

  • Checkout forms in Keap created duplicate contacts in some circumstances when an email address was collected

  • Advanced Automations with quotes inside decision diamond rules could not be published and existing Advanced Automations were broken

  • Email links did not update when an Advanced Automation link was updated

  • Unable to open and delete a text message conversation on web application

  • Toggling text marketing opt-in on the phone field in Checkout forms failed

  • Incoming Keap business line calls were not being accepted or rejected correctly based on the setup of the Availability Schedule

  • Invoices created in Keap were not being created in QBO

  • Email signature and Can-Spam address displayed as "missing" in campaign emails created in the new email builder, if the email is previewed after clicking Next - Ready

  • Product description was lost on checkout forms when proceeding to the fields page

  • Selected recipients were not added to a broadcast email when specific steps were taken

  • Internal and Public form submissions failed to submit when Phone was included on the form, and the selected phone type no longer exists

  • PayPal Merchant Card did not show the drop down to manage the PayPal merchant account

  • Some content in duplicated campaign emails using the new builder would also change in the original when changes were made in the copy

  • Contact lists in Keap were not displaying correct results

  • Decision diamond temporarily ignored all of its rules

  • Payments for subscription cycles were triggering the purchase goal when added by a user