Broadcast - create a broadcast (New Email Builder)

This article applies to:

The new email builder is the default builder when setting up a new broadcast email. 

If you need to use the old email builder, choose the legacy option from the drop-down. You can click here to view the legacy email builder article

The new and old Email Builder are also available when adding an email to a sequence in Advanced Automation.

Note that you can also send a broadcast from a contact search and choose to use the new Email Builder or the old one

Create a broadcast

  1. Navigate to Comms > Email Broadcasts
  2. Click New broadcast and select Email
  3. From here, you can: modify the from address, enter your subject line and preview text, choose your audience, modify the send date/time, and start building your email.
  4. To change the sender address, click Edit
  5. Choose the sender from the drop-down
  6. Click Save
  7. To add a subject line, click Add subject.
  8. Enter your subject line and preview text and click Save
  9. To choose your audience, click the Add audience button
  10. Click the drop-down to choose from your contact groups, tagged lists, or you can start creating contacts on-the-fly.
  11. Click Save
  12. When you are ready to schedule your broadcast, click Edit in the Schedule section
  13. You can choose to send it right away or schedule it for a later date and time. Note that you can choose to send the email based on the time zone of each contact.
  14. Click Save
  15. To start building your template or choosing from an existing template you saved or sent previously, Click the Create content button
  16. Select whether you want to Create a new template, a Text only template, or select a template from the Gallery.
  17. You can also choose from a previously saved template, a previously sent template, or a previous draft that was auto-saved
  18. Create your broadcast by adding, removing, and modifying the content and formatting of your message
    Note that some email clients (e.g. Outlook Client) do not render background images and will fall back to the background color.
  19. Note that you can send yourself a test email while creating your email template
  20. Click the Mobile button to edit your broadcast for mobile devices
  21. When you are finished building your email, click Save and exit

Edit images

You can edit images within Keap's broadcast builder. First begin creating your email broadcast, then follow the steps below.

Note that some email clients (e.g. Outlook Client) do not render background images and will fall back to the background color.

  1. Select an image in your broadcast
  2. Click Apply Effects & More
  3. Use the tools to edit your image
  4. Click Save to apply your changes