System Requirements

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Supported browser for using your Keap application

Keap is a web-based application. You don’t need to download or install software on your computer to access Keap. Since you’ll be using a web browser, let’s review the options that will ensure you’re set up to use Keap successfully.

Google Chrome

Supported browsers for your customers

(e.g., for accessing shopping cart, forms, A Keap - hosted web page used to capture information about a prospect and landing pages)

  • Google Chrome (including Android)
  • Mozilla Firefox (including Android)
  • Safari (including iOS)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge


What do you mean by “supported”?

When a browser is supported, this means that the software has been designed to work in that browser and that it is routinely tested to ensure it works as designed. If users encounter bugs/issues when using a supported browser, these will be prioritized for correction by our development teams.

What does it mean if a browser is not supported?

A browser that is not listed as ‘supported’ is not tested by our quality engineers and may or may not work with our software. We recommend using a supported browser when logging into your Keap application.

What versions of the supported browsers may I use?

Modern browsers are typically designed to continually update as new security standards and features become available. Make sure you use the most recent stable release version of your preferred, supported browser and rest easy that it will be supported. We cannot promise full support for beta or developer browser versions.

Why does Keap support different browsers for your users vs. users’ customers?

We understand how critical it is that you connect with your customers, whether you’re sending them an email, taking them to custom landing pages, or processing orders; we also understand that you can’t control what technology your customers use when they connect with you. That’s why we dedicate development resources to ensuring that, whatever browser or device your customers may use, they’re getting the best experience possible so your business can look its best.