Creating Automatic Replies for Missed Calls | Keap Business Line

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Convert more leads by quickly and automatically responding to missed calls so you can look professional and responsive.

When you have auto-respond to missed calls turned on, when you miss a call to your Keap Business Line (available in US and Canada), your contact will automatically receive your auto-response text message.


The Auto-response is only sent once a day per contact to account for a person that calls you several times in one day.

There is 160 character text message limit

  1. Go to the settings portion of the mobile app
  2. Tap on Messaging and phone
  3. There, you'll see an option to turn on Auto-reply to missed calls
  4. When you turn on Auto-reply you'll now see a new option that will allow you to customize your response. tap on Reply with...
  5. There, you can change your reply.