Play Blueprint: Re-Engagement Offer

This article applies to:

Why Run It: To convert clients

Who It's For: Any business that has unconverted leads on their email list

Implementation time: 20-40 min

Play Snapshot

There are few plays as impactful as the re-engagement offer. This play serves as a powerful convert clients play that can help win the hearts and minds of your prospects, regardless of where they are in the funnel. They lynchpin here is time; how long has the prospect been in your ecosystem? When was the last touch point? Fortunately, your Keap app contains much of this powerful data that will help you execute this play to perfection and close more leads.

Once you get a prospect into your funnel it is vital that you utilize the power of automation to keep them nurtured and alive. The re-engagement offer is a swiss army knife, it has utility for whatever you need. This play can address doubts, establish authority, show value, or share social proof and testimonials; whatever content you know will help close leads and re-engage your audience.

This is a key convert clients play that you will deploy in your sales & marketing strategy. You’ll be able to easily setup your time delays and triggers that will re-engage your leads at the perfect time.

Pro Tip: Timing is everything for this play - you need to hit the right person with the right message at the right time and re-engage them. You should have key milestones in your customer journey where you know a prospect is ripe for re-engagement, that’s when you deliver this re-engagement automation.

Play Components:

1. List Segmentation

List segmentation is determining which contacts you’ll extend the offer to. Re-engagement offers always perform better when the offer is personalized and relevant. Though personalizing your offer for every individual contact may not be feasible, you can use list segmentation to identify the groups of contacts who are most likely to take advantage of the offer. 

Best Practice: Here are a few examples of re-engagement segmentation.

Cold leads: leads that have not converted after a certain amount of time or that have been dormant for a certain amount of time
Warm leads: leads that came in recently, have engaged with your content, but haven’t taken action
Hot leads: leads that are close to being ready to buy and need a final opportunity to close

2. Re-engagement Offer

Create a re-engagement offer geared towards the segment you are trying to re-engage. For example, If your target is your hot leads, your offer can be a limited time sales offer or value add offer for signing up for your services now. For cold or warm leads, you may consider offering a free consultation. Whatever your offer is, you will need to create the assets you need for your email like images, design elements, and copy.

3. Re-engagement Broadcast

With your list prepared, content ready, you just need to set your broadcast or automation. You can easily create your email or text message and send a broadcast to your list quickly if you choose. Or, if you want this play to automatically function when leads get to a certain point in your funnel, you can create an automation.

This play offers you a chance to re-engage your existing leads as the thought leader and professional that you are. The content you choose to leverage or the offer you want to promote is up to you. We recommend focusing on one target segment of your list at a time and running automations for each group that you define. How you define your segments is key. Remember that each prospect has a unique experience, but you can find similarities in their behavior that you can leverage to re-engage them with the greatest chance of success.

For instance you can run this play to a list of cold leads. How you define a cold lead can be by the last interaction they had with you, the time the lead was added, or other metrics using custom fields or tags. If you want to reach a group of warm leads you brought in during a certain capture leads play, you can leverage that list for a specific re-engagement offer to increase your chances of success.

Ultimately the offer you choose here will be based off the segment of customers you choose to target. Below, we go into detail on how to segment your list, create your offer, and setup your automations.

In this step you will segment your current contact list. This means you will go to your contact list and utilize the filter function. Using the filter you will be able to sort and organize your contacts based on a variety of factors. If you use custom tags, this is a great way to segment your list based on the attributes you define. To effectively run the re-engagement offer you will want to hone in on exactly the right customer to re-engage. The leads you choose to re-engage could fit a few different criteria that make them prime candidates such as; last time the contact was updated, the date range which the contact was added, location, lead score, or custom fields.

Checkpoints to Launch

Do a contact search for the segmented list you want to use
Save that list for easy access later
Add a tag to the contacts in that list to be able to report on offers redeemed later

Now that you have your contact list ready to re-engage, it’s time to create your re-engagement offer. This offer should be something that specifically targets your custom list. Examples of re-engagement offers that you can use to help convert clients are:

  • Limited time offer for a product or service you offer

  • Free assessment or consultation

  • First month free (great for retainer billing)

You will need to prepare your copy for your offer email as well as any visuals you want to include. If your offer includes scheduling a free assessment or consultation, use your appointment link in your Keap app.

Checkpoints to Launch:

Decide what offer you will send to your custom list
Setup your offer (promo codes, links, forms, etc.) and write the email you will send
Test any assets you created
Publish your offers or forms

With your list ready and re-engagement offer prepared, you will now set up your email broadcast to deliver your offer to your list. Go to the broadcast section in your app and insert the email copy. Double check you've filled out all the fields (subject line and preview text!), and insert the link or promo code to your offer. This is extra important to test to make sure there are no issues when people go to buy or redeem your offer.

Checkpoints to Launch:

Insert the email copy you will use to deliver your offer
Send yourself or a team member the email and redeem the offer to test the entire experience
Send your broadcast!

Success Metrics

Primary: Offer redemptions
[COMING SOON: tutorial for how best to measure this]
Email open rate
Email click rate

Common Next Plays

  • Nurture Campaign
  • Newsletter

Done For You

If you don’t have the time or desire to build out this play yourself, we’ve got you covered!

With our Done For You Play Blueprint professional services, our experts will create your content, build the automations, and even set up reporting right in your app so your play can be up and running in about a week.

How does it work?

Download above image - DFY_-_Re-engagement_Offer.pdf

  1. Scoping call – You’ll have a call with one of our experts to understand your business and what you want in your play, and go over the process.
  2. Expert goes to work – Your expert builds the play components (forms, emails, automations, etc.) in your app and develops any related content. They also set up reporting in your app. This takes about 3-5 business days after the scoping call.
  3. Review call – The expert walks you through what was set up and how the reporting works.
For just $499, you can have this play implemented in your Keap app in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself!