Keap Mobile Business Line: Messages How-To Part 2

This article applies to:

Starring messages

Star messages so you can easily save and find an important message from your contacts

  • Tap on the message you would like to star

  • Tap "Star message"

View starred messages

  • Tap on the starred icon at the top right

  • There you'll see all of your starred messages

  • You can leave this view when you tap on the star icon on the top right or tap on the back button

Create new contact

Create a new contact when you receive a text message from an unknown number 

  • Tap on the avatar at the top of the message conversation

  • Tap on "Add contact"

  • Fill in the contact details and tap "Done"

    NOTE: In the initial version, you cannot merge to an existing contact, only create new contacts.

Add contact banner

Quickly add a contact from a message conversation.

  • When you send or receives a message from an unknown number, a banner will display prompting you to add the contact.

Merge contact info

Easily merge contact information with an existing contact 

  • When you add a contact from a message, you will have the option to merge the contact info to an existing number

View Contact on a message

When a user is on a conversation with a contact, they can view the contact details without leaving the message.

  • Tap on the contact avatar

  • Tap on "Info"

Call from a message

Call a contact directly from the conversation list

  • Tap on the contact avatar

  • Tap on "Call"