Keap Mobile Business Line: Messages How-To Part 2

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Install Keap Mobile to your iOS or Android device

Starring messages

Star messages so you can easily save and find an important message from your contacts

  1. Tap on the message you would like to star
  2. Tap "Star message"

View starred messages

  1. Tap on the starred icon at the top right
  2. There you'll see all of your starred messages
  3. You can leave this view when you tap on the star icon on the top right or tap on the back button

Create new contact

Create a new contact when you receive a text message from an unknown number 

  1. Tap on the avatar at the top of the message conversation
  2. Tap on "Add contact"
  3. Fill in the contact details and tap "Done"
    NOTE: In the initial version, you cannot merge to an existing contact, only create new contacts.

Add contact banner

Quickly add a contact from a message conversation.

When you send or receives a message from an unknown number, a banner will display prompting you to add the contact.

Merge contact info

Easily merge contact information with an existing contact 

When you add a contact from a message, you will have the option to merge the contact info to an existing number

View Contact on a message

When a user is on a conversation with a contact, they can view the contact details without leaving the message.

  1. Tap on the contact avatar
  2. Tap on "Info"

Call from a message

Call a contact directly from the conversation list

  1. Tap on the contact avatar
  2. Tap on "Call"