Deleting Keap Business Line text messages
How to delete a Keap Business Line conversation thread on the Keap mobile app.
Searching Messages
How to search for a specific message or conversation on the Keap Business Line.
Sending picture messages
You can use your Keap Business Line to send pictures to contacts and leads. This can be helpful to send pictures of your work, receipts, invoices, and other files.
Sending appointment links through messages
Use your Keap Business Line to send your Keap booking links so that your contacts can book appointments right on your calendar without all the back-and-forth.
Starring messages
How to save a Keap Business Line message so that you can easily reference it later.
Using Siri to send a message (iOS only)
Use Siri to send messages to your contacts, giving you a way to send business messages hands-free using your Keap Business Line
Send a text message with Keap Business Line
Create a new text message Tap the + button Tap Send a text Type the name of a contact and tap to select them Add up to two additional contacts to start a group message Note: Group messages are limited to you and three contacts. Group messag...