Pipeline Stage Moved Automation

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You can incorporate automation when a deal is moved into or out of a particular stage in your Pipeline.

  1. Drag a Pipeline Stage Moved goal onto the canvas

  2. Double-click to open it up and configure which stage you're either moving into or out of. In this example, I want to add automation when someone moves into the Quote Accepted stage.

  3. Click Save
  4. Now, just drag a sequence next to it and start adding processes that will run when this stage change occurs.
  5. Keep adding more Pipeline Stage moved goals onto the canvas to meet all of your automation needs.
  6. When you are finished and ready to test everything, make sure everything has been toggled to Ready

  7. Now, Publish your automation.

  8. You can now start moving a deal through the pipeline to test out your automation.

Pro-Tip: If the goal is selected to trigger when a Deal is moved ‘Into’ a stage, it won’t trigger when creating a Deal in that stage either manually or through Easy/Advanced automation. The Deal must instead be moved from another stage into that stage to trigger the goal. For a solution that will trigger based on the Deal's starting stage, you can use an Easy Automation 'Deal enters stage' trigger.