Keap Mobile: Contact call activity

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Install Keap Mobile to your iOS or Android device

You can view all the call history of a contact record by navigating to a contact

Once you make or receive a call from that user, you'll see a card in the contact activity labeled calls. Tap this card to see all of your calls with that contact.


How calls are connected using your Keap Phone number

In order to provide and use your Keap Phone number to make and receive calls versus your cell phone's number we use call routing technology. Here's an explanation of how that technology works:

For outbound calls, your cell phone number calls and connects to a routing number. This routes your call to your contact. The contact will only see your Keap Business Line number.

For inbound calls it is the reverse process. The contact calls your Keap Business Line number. Keap connects the call to a routing number and that routing number then calls your cell phone number.