Apply or Remove a Tag in a Sequence

This article applies to:

Tags applied at the beginning of a sequence usually define a specific lead magnet; e.g., Video Tips Series, a segment; e.g., Home Buyer, or a relationship stage; e.g., prospect.

  • Tags applied in the middle of a sequence usually define a period of time that has elapsed or a milestone. These can help you gauge how long people stay in a sequence before responding to a call to action.
  • Tags applied at the end of a sequence can be used to add a contact to a broadcast list (e.g. monthly newsletter) after a period of inactivity or after they've completed a higher priority sequence (e.g. a customer welcome sequence.)

Apply or Remove a tag in a sequence

  1. Click and drag an Apply/Remove Tag object onto the campaign canvas and double-click it to configure.
  2. Choose Apply or Remove and enter the tag name in the search box to find a list of possible matches.

  3. Click the tag name to select it or start typing to create a new tag and click the Create button. You can repeat this process to add multiple tags.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Remember to publish your changes when you are ready to go live.