Email engagement report - how to setup search

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The email status search report will display a list of contacts based on their email status (i.e. bounce , opt-in , opt-out , etc.). 

Each email address stored in Keap is assigned a status.  These status are generally assigned automatically, but can also be managed manually with some limitations. You cannot double-opt in a person or single-opt in someone who has previously opted out (unsubscribed) of your email marketing. For more information, click here

This search is used to clean up your database or to follow up with contacts who have bad email addresses in your system. Search by multiple criteria, including email status, last sent date, tags , and more.

Email engagement report

Pro-tip! Before you search setup your columns. This will ensure that you have the results your looking for.

  1. Go to "Reports" from the left menu

  2. Click "Email engagement report"

  3. Click "New Search"

Search Criteria - search tab

  • Email Status

  • Last date sent

    • "Cold (more than 4 months ago)" to view all contacts that you sent an email to 4 month or longer. If the email is between 4 months or greater of unengagement then it's sent through with lower priority so we can minimize risk and maintain your email reputation.

    • "Warm (less than 4 months ago)" view all contacts that you have sent an email to within the last 4 months.

  • Last Engagement Date
    • Use pre-configured date ranges to find the last engagement date

  • Last Engagement Interval
    • Enter your own date range

Note: Even though this is searching for engaged contacts, the status can still display "Unengaged Marketable" if they have reached the 4 month point and haven't engaged. These would be great contacts to send a follow up email. Here is a pre-made campaign that can help you do that

  • Id
  • First Name 
  • Last Name 
  • Company
  • Matching Email

Search Criteria - general tab

  • Contact Type
  • Title
  • Suffix
  • Job Title SSN
  • Middle Name User Name Password Birthday
  • Anniversary

Search Criteria - address tab

  • Address
  • Billing City 
  • Billing State
  • Billing Zip 
  • Billing Zip+4 
  • Billing Country 
  • Shipping Address 
  • Shipping City 
  • Shipping State 
  • Shipping Zip 
  • Shipping Zip+4 
  • Shipping Country 
  • Street Address 1 (Optional) 
  • City (Optional) 
  • State (Optional) 
  • Postal Code (Optional) Zip 
  • Four (Optional)
  • Country (Optional)

Search Criteria - Phone tab

  • Phone 1
  • Phone 2 
  • Phone 3 
  • Email 2 
  • Email 3
  • Fax 1

Search Criteria - custom fields

  • The search options depend on the fields you have configured. 

Search Criteria - Misc Criteria

  • Tags
  • Tags 2
  • Purchased Products
  • Purchased Products 2
  • Spouse Name
  • Website 
  • Assistant Name 
  • Assistant Phone 
  • Fax 2 
  • Lead Source
  • Data Exists 
  • Date Created 
  • Last Updated 
  • Owner
  • Last Open Date
  • Last Web Form Submission Date
  • Last Web Form Submitted

Search Criteria - Columns

  • Use the arrows to move "Available Fields" to "Custom Columns" and vice versa