Broadcast - create a broadcast

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A broadcast message is a single message that is sent to an entire list of people at the same time.  A broadcast is generally the best option when you need to send the same message to everyone at the same time (e.g., a monthly email newsletter). It is also the best option for sending messages that require frequent updates.

Note! Email marketing is permission-based. Make sure you have permission before you send a broadcast. Review the Keap Acceptable Use Policy.

Get started

  1. Click Broadcasts from the left hand navigation


  2. Click Create a broadcast

Create your email content

  1. Select the From email address

  2. Enter a Subject & preview Subject (optional)

  3. Personalize with merge fields. For more information, click here

  4. Add Content

Define your audience

  1. Add your audience by typing the name of a list or tag

  2. The number of contacts will display next to the list and tag

Test Email

  1. To the right of adding your audience is the link to send a test email

  2. By default it will display the From email address but any email address can be used

Select your timing

  1. At the best time today - We'll send the email within 24 hours. It'll arrive at the top of your contacts' inboxes when they typically open your emails. Note: This is based on data from the billions of emails we send annually, we look at your email's designated audience, combined with global open rate trends to calculate the best time to send your email: when it's most likely to be seen and opened by your audience.

  2. Send right away - send immediately 

  3. At specific time - send on the date and time of your choice

Send broadcast

  1. If you are ready to send click Send broadcast

  2. and Send broadcast again