Email engagement report - manage status, tag open, and view reported spam

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The email status search report will display a list of contacts based on their email status (i.e. bounce, opt-in, opt-out, etc.). Here are the most used search criteria and an example of the results. 

Manage Status

Manage the marketability status of your contact by opting in, validating, sending a confirmation email, or unsubscribing them manually.

  1. Go to Reports from the left menu

  2. Click Email engagement report

  3. Click New Search

Manage status - columns

  1. Go to Columns

  2. Add Manage Status from the available fields

  3. Add any additional fields and/or search criteria and search. Click Edit located under the Manage Status column

Manage Status - current status tab

  1. From the Current status tab, you can:

    • Indicate that you have permission to market to this address - If the contacts were imported and/or manually added without indicating permission, you can indicate it was given here.

    • Mark this address as valid - When an email address sends back a hard bounce error you can validate it. For more information regarding email bounce, click here

    • Send confirmation email - an email will be sent with a link that will confirm their email address with their ISP once it's clicked.

    • Manually opt-out this address - select Default Opt-Out from the drop-down list.  Once submitted the contact will no longer receive marketing emails from the advanced automation builder and broadcasts. You can still send one-off emails.

Tag opens

Tagging opens is the process of identifying and tagging contacts that have engaged by opening your email.

  1. Go to Reports from the left menu

  2. Click "Email engagement report"

  3. Click "New Search"

Tag opens - search criteria 

  1.  Highlight all marketable statuses: Unconfirmed, Confirmed (Legacy), and Confirmed
  2. Click the Misc Criteria tab and scroll down to the bottom
  3. In the Last Open Date field, select dates by clicking on the calendar icon (General rule of thumb: 120 days.)
  4. Go to the Column tab
  5. Select Last Open Date, Last Engagement Date, and Time Since Last Engagement and any other fields you want to include
  6. Click Search

Tag opens - search results

  1. Check the top check box to select all the results
  2. Click Actions
  3. Select Apply/ Remove Tag
  4. By default the Apply radio button will be selected, select your tag that identifies you are tagging contacts that have opened within the last 120 days
    If you have not previously created a tag , click "Create a New Tag", example: Engaged – Opens
  5. Click Save
  6. Verify the number of contacts and that that tag will be applied and click Process Action

Who reported SPAM or provided feedback

  1. Go to Reports from the left menu

  2. Click Email engagement report

  3. Click New Search

View reported SPAM or provided feedback - search criteria & results

  1. Select Provided Feedback and Reported Spam from the email status list. Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard to select more than one.
    • Provided Feedback: The person marked the email as SPAM through their ISP (e.g. AOL.)
    • Reported Spam: The person marked the email as SPAM through an Keap opt-out link. When this happens, the person has the option to add additional feedback
  2. Go to the Column tab
  3. Select Status, Manage status, and any other fields you want to include
  4. Click Search
  5. To view more details click Edit under the Manage status column
  6. Click on Status History to read the comments the contact posted when they registered an internal SPAM complaint.
    Comments are not required. If you do not see any comments, the person who submitted the SPAM complaint did not post a comment. These Feedback comments can also be pulled using the Unsubscribe tracker report. For more information, click here