Business Profile

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Your Business Profile consists of four sections, which is located under Settings > Business Profile

Business Type

Specify your business type to help us recommend relevant marketing campaigns for you. When you go to the Campaigns > Explore Campaigns section, you will see the most popular/successful campaigns other businesses in your industry are using. 

business type

Business Details

International spam law requires a physical address in your marketing email correspondence. The information you enter here will be present in the footer of your emails. After completing this information, click the Update business profile link.

business details


Here, you can upload your logo. Currently, this simply adds the image to the Image Library that you can access when building an email template - just add an image block and choose your logo. Eventually, there will be a dedicated block for logo in the email builder. Currently, the Primary and Secondary colors are not implemented. After setting your logo, click the Update Branding button.


Time Zone

This your application's default time zone for any time-stamped records that are generated in Keap. It also sets the default time for automated campaign emails. It's important that your time zone is accurate if you plan to send emails based on your time zone as opposed to the recipient. Remember, you can always choose to send emails based on the recipient's time zone instead of yours in the campaign builder. Click Update time zone to save your changes.